About Us

Early in 2019 whilst lying by a pool at a hotel in Paphos we were already planning our next city break, but while we knew where we wanted to go we didn’t know what we could do when we got there. Using the internet for inspiration is all well and good but i wanted to be able to see itineraries from people who had visited the city and could give inspiration for things to see and do.

We work long hours in the week and try to get away as much as possible at the weekends, be it a short drive to York, a plane to Budapest or a train to Paris. We always want to be able to spend those 48 Hours Somewhere! we do also like to use our holidays from work for longer haul holidays and we have an unwritten agreement that Emma gets two weeks by the beach as long as we get a couple of weeks city hoping around America, Asia or Europe as well as many weekends away in the UK

So we started this website as a way to give everyone a chance to inspire people to visit cities they love and give an insight into the top sights to be seen. Of course we haven’t been everywhere we want to go so we also have a few guest writers to tell us where we should be going, if you want to tell us how to spend 48 hours somewhere or join the team then contact us

Our Mission

We want to help everyone enjoy the best times with their travel, using what ever time they get to spend seeing the world. From the country you live in to the other side of the world, Don’t just turn up somewhere and miss the things you have to see but also remember that walking down the less beaten track can give you memories that will last you a lot longer than the 48 hours that you spent somewhere.

“Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”

Dalai Lama