Themed Cafes in Tokyo

Top themed cafes in Tokyo

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Tokyo is a city that can be magical and bizarre at the same time. Its bizarre side is seen in different aspects of its culture and general lifestyle, making it a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Themed cafes in Tokyo are popular with visitors in the city. They are designed to serve the needs of everyone looking to experience something different. If you only have 48 hours in Tokyo, then a visit to a themed cafe should be on your “must-do” list. Here are some top themed cafes in Tokyo to check out while visiting the city.

Robot restaurant

If you love robots and like to see them in action, then the Robot café in Shinjuku city should be your first stop. Stepping into the café is like moving into an alternative reality. Giving you a glimpse into the performance culture of the Japanese people. The restaurant puts up a diverse show that includes dancing and singing which is done through different acts. Even so, the restaurant has a great menu that includes unique cocktails and a variety of snacks and you also get to take photos with the robots performing at the show.

Themed Cafes in Tokyo
Photo by Alex Waltner

Maidreamin café

Maid cafes are quite popular in Tokyo with the patrons being served food by girls wearing maid costumes. Although it sounds weird, the cafes are friendly and have a huge fan base in the city and worldwide. Maidreamin is one of the most popular chains in the city with branches in areas such as Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. The cafes which resemble a whimsical world also offer adorable meals. Patrons at the restaurant are expected to wear animal ears while enjoying mouthwatering meals, and live performances at the café.

Alice in Wonderland café

Alice in Wonderland is a classic storybook that is loved worldwide. It is no wonder the themed restaurant based on the fairytale is popular. The fantasy café located in Shinjuku is “Alice in a fantasy book“. Filled with familiar characters from the book and dishes that match the themed restaurant. Arriving at the café, you go through a large picture book that leads to a glass and picture frame room. It also has a grand hall, which has a green sculpture, motif of the topiary garden, romantic gazebo among other popular aspects of the book. The café is family-friendly and best for those travelling with children. There are 6 other Alice in wonderland cafes around Japan.

Ninja café

The ninja-themed café offers a unique experience that gives you a chance to enjoy Japanese cuisine in an “out-of-the-box” setting. Guests are welcomed by ninjas that lead them to their private room through a dark hallway. Once seated they choose meals from different menus but a request for a customized meal is allowed. Some of the quality food offered at the restaurant includes wagyu beef, which is served by a ninja. While dining, patrons are also entertained by special performances by the ninja master.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

Opened in 2015 this themed cafe has rapidly become one of the favourites among visitors and locals alike. The food is as bright and colourful as the themed rooms of the cafe. Made up of four rooms The Mushroom Disco, The Milk Stand – full of unicorns and milk bottles, The BAR experiment – glow in the dark jellyfish and the Mel-Tea room – decorated with pastel desserts. You may get a seat during the day but make sure you book tickets for the evening shows.

Overall, themed cafes focus on the presentation of the space and may not necessarily have the best menu. Even so, a visit to one of the themed cafes is worth it even when you only have 48 hours in Tokyo.

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