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Where to Stay in Tokyo – Top locations

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Tokyo is a vibrant city with breathtaking architecture and amazing culture that will leave you captivated for days. The city attracts millions of tourists throughout the year whose main goal is to explore every part of the metropolis. Due to the high number of tourists, it is possible to find accommodation no matter the time of the year. Visitors can book space at local hotels, guesthouses, and hostels that are available for different budgets. Even so, the decision on where to stay in Tokyo is important and should be decided carefully. Here are some of the best places to stay in Tokyo both for short and long periods.


If you like interacting with other tourists while in Tokyo, then Shinjuku is your best area to stay. The area is exciting and is filled with modern skyscrapers, neon lights, huge shopping malls, busy streets, public parks, and train stations. Shinjuku is also a popular transport hub because of the Yamanote Line which is used by thousands of people. As for accommodation, the area is a favourite because of the many options below that include mid-range hotels for tourists. It is also convenient for those interested in sightseeing in the central part of Tokyo. If you plan on taking day trips to nearby areas such as Mount Fiji or Hakone, Shinjuku is a great location because of the presence of train and bus stations. The area is also close to airports for those looking to go to their hotels as soon as they land.

Shinjuku also has a Japanese atmosphere that can be experienced by easily accessible restaurants and shops. The bustling nightlife is also exciting to explore so that you can interact with locals from the area.


Odaiba is located on the outskirts of Central Tokyo but is still a great area to stay when visiting the capital city. Traveling from the airport to Odaiba is easy during the day because of the many airports that service the area including Narita and Haneda. The hotels in the area are known for their large rooms which can accommodate large groups. It is the perfect place to reside when traveling with family and children because of the many activities available for them. Families can visit theme parks and science museums which will keep children occupied the entire day.

Besides the activities geared towards children, visitors have other sights that they can explore when in Odaiba. Some of the best places to visit in the area include Venus Fort, Rainbow Bridge, Legoland, Joypolis, Fuji TV, and Toyota Mega web among others. 

Rainbow Bridge - Where to stay in Tokyo
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Shop till you drop is the mantra for those planning to stay in Ginza. The area is known for its shopping areas that target luxury customers in Japan but has affordable shops as well. It also has several accommodation options for tourists regardless of their budget. Eating out in Ginza is also quite affordable with restaurants in the area offering a wide menu to choose from. However, if you prefer luxury hotels then you can choose from the high-end options available within the area.

Traveling into Ginza is convenient because of the availability of buses and bullet trains that go as far as Haneda airport Kyoto and Osaka. It is also near Tokyo Station which makes transportation from the station to your hotel or hostel much cheaper. If you love sightseeing and would love to explore Tokyo then you can get there quickly using the nearby metro subway or train which is part of the JR Yamanote line.

‎Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station lies in a strategic location within the city making one of the popular places to stay in Tokyo. It is a transportation hub that connects to various suburbs, airports, Tokyo Disney, and regional cities that surround the capital. If you are planning to make a stopover in the capital, then leave after a while to explore the rest of Japan, then this will be a great location for you to stay.

Besides being convenient for travelers looking for quick transfers from Narita or Haneda airports, it is also great when planning to visit Tokyo Disney and other interesting sights. The area also has shopping malls and restaurants that are affordable. Make sure that you visit Ramen Street within the station which has several popular eateries.  

Tokyo Station - Where to stay in Tokyo
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Shibuya is a busy area that attracts younger travelers because of its local population. It’s common to see uniformed students on the streets while others wear bizarre outfits that will leave you wanting a second look. The area is a transportation hub that connects to major airports and popular spots with Tokyo. Besides being vibrant during the day, Shibuya has an exciting nightlife that allows visitors to enjoy time with locals ate various restaurants and bars.

Shibuya’s convenient location also makes it easier to visit nearby sights as part of a day trip. These sights include Yogi Park, Hachiro Statue, Harajuku, and Mejia Shrine.

Tokyo Disney

Traveling with children to Tokyo requires that you find appropriate accommodation that matches your need. Fortunately, Tokyo Disney offers such options and ensures that you and your family get the best out of your trip. The resort has large rooms that are perfect for families that love to travel together. Staying at Tokyo Disney has a lot of benefits such as assured park admission, shuttle buses at no cost from hotel to the monorail which then takes you to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea at a minimal fee.

Additionally, the area is easily accessible from major airports such as Narita or Haneda. Getting into Central Tokyo from the area is also easy when you take the train from Tokyo Station.


If you love the traditional Japanese culture and want to experience it in full, then Asakusa is the best area for you to stay in Tokyo. It is a great place to stay when traveling as a group or family with older children because of the large rooms offered by the hotels. The area is part of the Older Tokyo and is filled with several eateries and shops that affordable. Although, not as convenient in terms of transportation, it connects to Ginza through the metro line.

Getting to Asakusa is possible through the Keikyu Express train which picks up travelers from the Haneda airport.

Overall, Tokyo accommodation fills up fast which makes it important to book your preferred hotel or hostel in advance. If you plan to travel during the peak season, plan early about you where to stay in Tokyo to avoid any disappointments.

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